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Press Releases 2017

Review of HRSC Images 2017

Dec 18, 2017 Summary of views of the Martian surface

Northern Hemisphere

Dec 14, 2017 Mars upside down

Sirenum Fossae

Nov 16, 2017 Fractured Martian crust in Sirenum Fossae

Aonia Terra

Oct 05, 2017 Diverse dune landscape on desert planet Mars

North of Hellas

Sept 14, 2017 Splashdown! Crashing into mud on Mars

Coracis Fossae

Aug 10, 2017 Varying Martian landscape in Coracis Fossae

Libya Montes

July 13, 2017 Ancient fluvial activity in Libya Montes

Erythraeum Chaos

Jun 08, 2017 Chaos and water on Mars

North Polar Ice Cap Animation

May 11, 2017 Flight over the north polar ice cap of Mars

Terra Sirenum

Apr 06, 2017 Three at one stroke in Terra Sirenum on Mars

Worcester Crater

March 02, 2017 Martian mega-floods at Worcester crater

North Polar Ice Cap

Feb 02, 2017 Clear view of the Mars north polar ice cap