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Press Releases 2020

Dark Angel

Dec 17, 2020 Dark Angel – big heart – Mars is ready for christmas

Pyrrhae Regio

Nov 19, 2020 Birth of chaos – craters and collapses in Pyrrhae Regio

East of le Verrier

Oct 29, 2020 Crater Triplets east of Le Verrier on Mars

Topographic Map of Jezero Crater

Sep 29, 2020 First topographic map of jezero crater – Mars2020 landing site

Nereidum Montes

Sept 3, 2020 Nereidum Montes – Mountain range on Mars show off

Jezero Crater Animation

July 29, 2020 Flight over the Jezero Crater– NASA's Mars 2020 landing site

Korolev Crater Animation

July 2, 2020 Flight over the ice-filled Korolev Crater

North of Labeatis Fossae

May 14, 2020 North of Labeatis Fossae – sculpted by nature

Moreux Crater

March 5, 2020 Mars crater Moreux and its dark dunes

Nilosyrtis Mensae

Feb 13, 2020 Nilosyrtis Mensae – Erosion on a large scale

North Polar Ice Cap of Mars

Jan 13, 2020 Impressive Cloud Formations