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ACCENT/GLOREAM 2007 Presentations

Introduction by Arno Graff, UBA Germany


Emissions and transport

M. Schaap On the importance of brake wear as a source of atmospheric copper concentrations
D. Syrakov Numerical Simulation of an extreme air pollution episode created by coal burning thermal power plants
A. Kerschbaumer Urban PM10 budget


Fires and windblown dust

E. Hendriks A methodology to constrain the potential source strength of various soil dust sources contributing to atmospheric PM10 concentrations
M. Sofiev On influence of wild-land fires to the european air quality
A. Miranda  Forest fires impact on air quality over Portugal using an ensemble of model results
R. Funk Influence of soil moisture on PM emissions from soils



H. Eskes Modelling and satellite observations of air pollution in the Netherlands and Europe
J.M. Baldasano Enhancing high-resolution air quality forecasting in Europe and the Iberian Peninsula within a supercomputing framework: the CALIOPE project
A.W. Delcloo Evaluation of an operational ensemble prediction system” for ozone concentrations over Belgium using the CTM
M. Sofiev new COST Actions – ENCWF and EUPOL 1 2 3


Model applications

 J.Keller Preliminary results of MM5/CAMx simulations for winter and summer 2006 in Switzerland
 R. Wolke The influence of local emissions and long-range transport on PM10 hot spots in Saxony
K. Ganev Local to regional dilution and transformation processes of the emissions from road transport
C. Mensink Modelling air quality in the Lake Baikal region 1 2
 V. Matthias The aerosol distribution in Europe derived with the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model: Comparison to near surface in situ and sunphotometer measurements Aerosol


Model Evaluation

R. Stern  A model inter-comparison study focussing on episodes with elevated PM10 concentrations
R. Vautard / P.Builtjes Model experiences in the US


Process Analysis

L. Frohn The new Danish Centre of Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH) - basic ideas and framework
P. Jimenez-Guerrero Contribution of atmospheric processes to photochemical pollution by using a process analysis tool in the north-eastern and central Iberian Peninsula
R.Forkel Application and inter-comparison of atmospheric chemistry mechanisms and advection schemes within the online-coupled regional meteorology chemistry model MCCM
J. Vila-Guerau  Transport and Chemical transformation influence by shallow cumulus over land
R. Vautard Simulations of large fire plumes dispersion with CHIMERE: three major case studies



S. Banzhaf Parameterisation of vertical rain rate profiles for the meteorological driver of LOTOS and RCG.
A. Ebel Minutes of the “Chemical perturbations” meeting