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Module structure

Here you can see the basic structure of the e-learning module IWRM. By clicking on each topic you will be directed immediately to the corresponding page. Under most of the topics listed below there are many subsections which will provide you with specific information on the different topics.



1. Implementation steps

2. Water and the physical environment

3. Technical measures

- Principle, concept and components

- Floodwater harvesting

- Macrocatchment harvesting

- Microcatchment water harvesting

- Rooftop and courtyard water harvesting

- Terraces

- Desalination

- Fog harvesting

- Surface irrigation
- Sprinkler irrigation
- Drip irrigation
- Subsurface drip irrigation

- Wastewater

- Stormwater

- Pollutants

- On-site treatment

- Off-site treatment

- On-site vs. off-site treatment

- Sewerage systems

- Stormwater treatment

- Wastewater as a resource

- Sludge-treatment,-reuse-and-disposal

- Wastewater management

- Structural measures

- Non-structural measures

4. Water governance

5. Water economics

6. Tools

Case studies