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Click on any picture or graphic to enlarge

Click on any picture or graphic to enlarge
Image Credit: Hislop, L. (UNEP/GRID-Arendal) (2010)

Dangar Falls in New South Wales, Australia

Dangar Falls in New South Wales, Australia
Image Credit: Siantar (2010)

There are different ways to navigate in this e-learning module.

One way is to click step by step through the pages by using the back and forward buttons illustrated below. The buttons are at the upper and lower left corner of each page.

Another way is to use the navigation tool below the main heading of the module where you can choose specific topics you are interested in.

Furthermore you can head for specific topics when they are highlighted blue and italic (e.g. module structure). By clicking on the topic you will be directed immediately to the corresponding page.

The pictures and graphics which help to understand the respective theme can be increased by simply clicking on them. If there are more illustrations on a page it is possible to see the next image by clicking on the arrow which will appear on the right side of the illustration.

To check the learned knowledge there will be test chapters at the end of the topic “Introduction” as well as on the end of every subsection in the chapter “Implementation”. At the end of each test questions chapter links are provided to get the solutions as well as print versions of the test questions with and without solutions.