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New A2 scanner from January 2023

New scanner replaces the multifunction device

Dec 20, 2022

Library closed over Christmas and New Year

Until 15 December 2022 and from 02 January 2023 the Earth Sciences Library will be open on a regular basis.

Nov 05, 2022

In the summer semester 2022 we offer the following Coffee Lectures.

Always 1:15 - 1:45 pm in the Earth Sciences Library in Lankwitz. Without registration. We have space for about 20 people: first come, first served. The lectures will be held in German.


28.April: Open Science: The Creative Commons Licenses explained

We explain how to create open access (OA) for your own publications (reports, posters, bachelor, master and PhD theses, journal articles etc.) in a legally binding way by choosing the appropriate license.


05 May: Research strategy

We explain the most important strategies for literature research and introduce the central research tool at the FU (Primo).


12 May: Publication costs for Open Access: funding opportunities at the FU

When publishing journal articles in Open Access, authors usually face costs. We explain which costs are covered directly by the FU and how this works in practice.


19 May: Elsevier journals: can the FU do without them?

The FU, like many other universities and research institutions in Germany, terminated its contract with Elsevier in summer 2017. This was to increase the pressure on the publisher to achieve fair prices and, at the same time, worldwide free access (open access). To date, this has not been implemented. We report on the current state of negotiations with Elsevier and talk about experiences with 5 years without an Elsevier contract.


09 June: Citation rules and references

Citation is a central aspect of "good scientific practice" that all students and researchers must follow: it is considered plagiarism to take over foreign content without acknowledging the source. We explain the most important basic rules.