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Natural Resouce Management and Planning

Vegetation in Tansania

Vegetation in Tansania
Image Credit: Stumptner, A. 2002

In the past few decades, management of natural resources has become an important topic in practically all societies. Natural resources are materials created in nature that are used and usable by humans. They include natural substances (such as soil) and energy supplies (such as coal) that serve to satisfy human needs (Barsch and Bürger 1996; Minc 1976). Materials occurring in the environment thus only become a resource if people attach great importance to them (Barsch and Bürger 1996; Ewert et al. 2004; Mitchell 2003). As Zimmermann stated: „Resources are not, they become“ (Zimmermann 1951, citied in Barsch and Bürger 1996).

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