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About the project

Picture of the group

Picture of the group
Image Credit: T. Wittkopf 2007

The project "GeoLearning" was initiated by Prof. Dr. Ch. Heubeck and Prof. Dr. B. Schütt, Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin. It is based on a DAAD Alumni programme. The core element of the international and interdisciplinary project is the meeting of all partners during the winter school "e-Learning in the Environmental and Geosciences" held at Freie Universität Berlin. These two-week workshops took place once a year during the three-year term of the "GeoLearning" project (2006-2008).

Main goals

The primary aim of the project was the capacity building of the participating scientists in the field of e-learning, including a theoretical and a practical part. A further goal was to create an international network of geoscientists to exchange knowledge, skills and techniques in the context of teaching and to explore the latest developments in environmental and geoscientific research.

As a result of our practical training during the workshops we created this e-learning environment for the Environmental and Geosciences named after the "GeoLearning" project.

Contents of the "Overview" chapter

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