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Key Questions

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The key questions guiding you through the introduction are:

  • What is meant by Watershed Management?
  • Why is management of natural resources necessary?
  • What is meant by planning and management?
  • What is required of natural resource management and development?
  • How should management and planning carried out?
  • What are the challenges for planners and managers?
  • How is planning feasible?
  • Which tools are available?
  • Which planning models are provided?
  • Which units can be planned for?
  • What is a watershed?
  • Why are watersheds a reasonable planning unit?
  • Which principles are followed up by Watershed Management?
  • What are the effects of sound Watershed Management?
  • Which are the objectives of Watershed Management?
  • What does Watershed Management comprise?
  • What are the features of Watershed Management?
  • Which processes influence Watershed Management?
  • How has Watershed Management been developed?

Which 'understandings of Watershed Management' exists is explained first.