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Module Structure

Structure of the Watershed Management-Module

Structure of the Watershed Management-Module

The Watershed Management-Module consists of five chapters next to the startinformation:

For better orientation within the Watershed Management-Module the colours used in these chapters vary. The colours that are dominant respectively are specified in brackets in the list above (see also figure).

Each of the chapters of the Watershed Management-Module is structured in the same manner:

  • Key questions introduce you to the indivdual chapter.
  • Main part: In several sub-chapters the contents of Watershed Management are explained; this is done mainly by the Ethiopian context.
  • Test questions at the end of each chapter; additionally, excercise questions are supplied after the test questions in the first and last chapter. In contrast to the main part, the test questions refer to a watershed which is located in the border area of Germany and Czechia.

How to learn with the e-Learning materials about Watershed Management is explained on the next web page.