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Girls' Day 2018

The Weather and the things of the Internet

New possibilities are opened through the Internet. Where previously measuring devices in room-sized containers collected information about the air quality, now fist sized devices can collect information about the air and send it wirelessly through the Internet. As part of the Girls' Day 2018, we worked together with a group of six students in order to create a fine dust measuring device - small particles that pollute the air - and a small weather station to measure the properties and air quality in our environment. Additionally, during a guided tour of the institute and the measuring field with measuring instruments, the girls got to know many of the measuring devices currently being used at an official weather station and now know what belongs to a weather observation and how a weather map is created.

This Girls' Day Project was initiated by the WG Statistische Meteorlogie and was supported by Petra Gebauer (Berliner Wetterkarte e.V.), Stephanie Meier (Fachschaftsinitiative Meteorologie). Bianca Wentzel and Jana Ulrich organized and designed the concept for the handicraft workshop.