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Long Night of Science

The Long Night of Science took place on 9.06.2018 and was a complete success, also for the Institute. A total of 537 visitors of all sizes were warmly welcomed in the water tower and on the grounds outside. The visitors could experience live measurements of weather data by using drones, watch how a 3D printer could print an anemometer, how small rockets could be build from old plastic bottles and watch them explode, and take part in a children's game where you could win a small plastic frog. Make your own weather charts and take part in many other experiments to do with the weather and climate. One other highlight this year was the Science Slam in which students and PhD students presented their scientific results in a funny and exciting way. The student's council catered for energy reserves by offering soft drinks, food, sausages and waffels and because of the hot temperature, ice cream was also offered.

A special thanks goes to all the helpers for organising this successful evening.

The next Long Night of Science takes place on the 15th June 2019.