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General aspects

To conduct a project and all included parts of a project, it is a first important to know what exactly a project and project management is. This helps you to avoid to have wrong expectations and to do bad planning.

A project is a series of activities with a specific objective and a start and end date, that have financial limit and consume resources.

Aspects of project management

Aspects of project management

Project management wants to achieve the project objectives within time and within the given financial frame while using the resources effectively and in accordance with the donor organization

A successful managed project always needs a well structured and organized project management. Project management includes various aspects of a project, such as planning, organizing and controlling, but also staffing and directing. To provide these , a system of four factors are very important. These are know-how, practices, procedures and technologies (Figure 1). For successful project management, the aims and objectives have to be in your focus. The real project management is supported by various other activities (team development, communication, conflict management, etc.). Also external factors, such as department structure or the general environment you have to include in your managing concept (Figure 2).

The project management cyle describes the life cyle of a project.