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Glacial Processes 2

The glacial and peri glacial features are resultant of the shifting positions of the glaciers and meltwater streams. Floods can also be caused in these environments by the very high meltwater discharges. The features which are changing in form include the ice in the gravel, known as pingoes. There are little domes formed by ice under the surface pushing up the sediments and will vanish if the temperature continue to increase.

Besides, some geomorphic disasters can also be triggered in these glaciated environments, such as avalanches, which occure due to the rapid snow melting.

   Stop and Think!

Look at the picture below and describe the formation of feature shown. How will climate change affect this feature?

Upper most top of pingo, 38 kms east of Ulambata, Mongolia. Photo by M. Walther, 2003.

Please click on the three red squares to zoom-in the pingoes.

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