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Aeolian Processes 2

In arid environments, features are dominantly formed by the action of wind including erosion, transportation and deposition. Climate change can result in increasing the processes of erosion, therefore change the resultant landforms. The rate of change of several landforms within arid environments can change in two ways. The rate of erosion by wind depends on the directon, intensity and speed of the wind. The main features include yardangs, sand dunes, zeugens, rock pedestals and ventifacts.

They are formed by wind erosion through abrasion process.  Yardangs are parallel troughs cut into softer rock running in the direction of the wind, separated by ridges. The direction of the yardangs can indicate the direction of the prevailing wind. 

 If the wind erosion increases due to climate change it can have changes on the formation of yardangs. The erosion can increase leading to a wearing away of the landscape eventually.

   Stop and Think!

Look at the flash below and explain how the yardangs formed and describe their characteristics.

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Features in desert area, Badaim Jaran, China, Photos by M. Jin, 2005.