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WP4: Improving coping capacities of the public regarding weather risks through usergroup specific warning communication formats


Image Credit: Deutscher Wetterdienst

Within WP 4 we will to deepen our understanding regarding the public’s perception and use of weather risk information. Based on the results of HErZ II we aim at improving to address the informational needs of public user-groups with customised appropriate warning messages based upon preferences how they perceive, understand and use weather risk information.

One focal point is, how weather risk based decisions are embedded within daily routines and how far these specific socio-cultural patterns affect weather risk-based decisions. By focusing on user-groups within the public as identified in HErZ II showing specific vulnerabilities or patterns of action in the context of extreme weather we will test which warning format can be used best by which public sub-group in order to achieve the best-possible desired outcome/reaction to weather warning information by taking mitigation measures. The results will provide recommendations how sub-groups within the public can be addressed more adequately regarding their specific needs by tailoring weather warnings differently.