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Phase II

Figure 2 illustrates the structure of SHARP-II. SHARP will further be coordinated by Ulrike Langematz (PC). She will also act as speaker of the DFG Research Unit and maintain the contact to DFG. The structure of SHARP-I with four individual scientific projects P1-P4 led by Principle Investigators (PI) will be maintained. The project management will be organised in Project 5 (P5). P5 will be carried out at FUB. In Section 4.1 we introduce the updated scientific projects P1 - P4, in Section 4.2 we introduce the Partners of the consortium, and in Section 4.3 we describe the tasks of the management project P5. Different from the SHARP-1 proposal, there will be no steering committee. Such a committee was not established in Phase I, as recommended by the reviewers.

 Organisational structure of SHARP-II

Figure 2: Organisational structure of the DFG Research Unit SHARP-II.