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Institute of Meteorology, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB)

Ulrike Langematz (Speaker, PI of P4 and P5, Co-I of P1 and P2, Partner of P3), Prof. Dr., is Professor at the Institut für Meteorologie and head of the working group ‘Physics of the Middle Atmosphere’. Her scientific interests are in the fields of radiation, dynamics, and chemistry of the middle atmosphere with focus on stratospheric ozone, the interaction between stratospheric chemistry and climate change, and solar variability. She was/is PI in different national and European projects on climate change and solar cycle modelling. She is currently speaker of the DFG research unit SHARP (FOR 1095) and member of the MiKlip project. U. Langematz is involved in the international climate modelling activity CCMVal. She is co-author of the WMO Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2006 and 2010. She has been convenor of symposia at EGU, AGU and IAMAS conferences.

Ulrich Cubasch (Partner of P4), Prof. Dr., is heading the IfM at FUB. His main interest of work is climate modelling and climate variability. He has worked at the ECMWF and the MPI-Meteorology (Hamburg) on extended-range and ensemble predictions, and climate projections. He has been a lead author in all previous IPCC reports and is now actively involved in the preparation of the IPCC 5th AR. He is participating in the BMBF-project CADY (Central Asian Climate Dynamics), MIKLIP (Decadal climate prediction) and the DFG-research groups HIMPAC (Himalaya: Modern and Past Climates) and CAWSES (Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System). He is a member of the DFG-Senate Commission "Future Aspects of Geosciences" and the Vice-President of the "Geounion". His publications list includes 85 peer-reviewed publications, 1 book and 139 other publications.