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Institute of Atmospheric Physics, German Aerospace Center Oberpfaffenhofen (DLR)

Martin Dameris, (PI of P1, Co-I of P4, Partner of P2 and P3), Prof. Dr., is Senior Scientist at DLR-IPA and University Professor (Apl.) at the Meteorological Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, Germany. His scientific work is focusing on modeling of chemistry-climate connections, employing a coupled model system of the troposphere and the stratosphere. Main objectives are: the variability of the stratospheric ozone layer and its future evolution; the influence of climate on atmospheric dynamics: investigation of cause and effect relationships. He is author and co-author of about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He was actively involved in several international assessment reports, for example he was Coordinating Lead Author of Chapter 5 (Climate-Ozone Connections) in the WMO Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2006 and Lead Author of Chapter 4 (Stratospheric Changes and Climate) in the WMO Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2010. In 2011 he received the DLR Science Award.

Patrick Jöckel, (Co-I of P3), Dr., is research scientist at the DLR-IPA since September 2009 (before that, he lead the “Earth System Modeling” group at MPI-C). He coordinates the multi-institutional development of the model system ECHAM5/MESSy (EMAC); for the development of MESSy he received the “Heinz Billing Award for the Advancement of Scientific Computation” in 2005. He recently implemented the Lagrangian transport scheme ATTILA as MESSy2 submodel. Main scientific objectives are: atmospheric chemistry in stratosphere and troposphere and its role for climate change, Lagrangian transport of tracers, and the connection of global and regional modelling (see DFG project MACCHIATO). He is author and co-author of 73 peer-reviewed scientific publications.