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Collaboration with other DFG Programmes

DFG-Priority Program SPP 1176 Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES)

FUB coordinates the collaborative project ProSECCO (Project on Solar Effects on Chemistry and Climate Including Ocean Interactions), with FUB and MPI-C as partners. One focus of ProSECCO is the dynamical impact of decadal solar variability on stratospheric dynamics and the effects on tropospheric weather variability.

MPI-M is participating with the ARTOS project investigating the atmospheric response to solar variability in simulations with a general circulation and chemistry model for the entire atmosphere (the HAMMONIA model based on ECHAM5). The research conducted in this project investigates specifically the vertical coupling of different layers of the atmosphere from the lower thermosphere to the mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere, based on chemistry (ionised and neutral), radiation, dynamics and transport. Solar signals are analysed for the 27-day rotation period and for the 11-year solar cycle.

JWGU has investigated the changes in mean age of stratospheric air based on SF6 observations in the frame of the DFG priority program CAWSES, while UKA has derived global SF6 and mean age of air data from MIPAS/Envisat within the CAWSES project. These data will be used as an input to SHARP.