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Role for IPCC and WMO Assessments


UNFCCC/IPCC and WMO/UNEP are mandated by their signatories including the German government and the EU to organise on a regular basis “Assessment Reports” for political decision makers and to inform the public. Additional funding by national and international agencies to carry out specific scientific projects to answer key questions defined by relevant intergovernmental bodies is essential for the production of these state of the art basements. This knowledge exchange/transfer is a key component of modern environmental and global change science priorities, demanded by the research funding agencies. The SHARP project reinforces Germany’s position as an international leader in stratospheric and global change research, providing the participating groups the opportunity to make substantive and substantial contribution to the international assessment of ozone depletion (WMO) and climate change (IPCC) as required by the Montreal and Kyoto protocols and relevant amendments. Specifically SHARP will provide unique input to both the planned WMO Ozone Assessment in 2014 and the 5th Assessment report of the IPCC. SHARP has been endorsed by both the Ozone Secretariat of UNEP and the WMO.