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International Collaborations wihtin SHARP-II

External Cooperation Partners

During Phase I of SHARP we made the experience that the exchange with our external partners was very fruitful and effective. Therefore we apply again for extended support of visits of the external collaborators. New co-operations have been established in Phase I, while other co-operations will not be continued.

Concrete collaborations within SHARP-II are arranged with the following scientists:

  • Dr. Mark Baldwin, NWRA (Northwest Research Associate, Seattle (USA) has agreed to be actively involved in diagnostic studies performed in SHARP-BDC and SHARP-STC, in particular to compare analyses derived from observations and numerical studies.
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Birner, Fort Collins (USA) will actively co-operate with SHARP-BDC in the use of residual trajectory calculations in different meteorological reanalysis data sets.
  • Dr. Greg Bodeker, Bodeker Scientific (New Zealand) will participate in SHARP-BDC, SHARP-OCF and SHARP-STC by contributing data from the UM chemistry-climate model (CCM). Dr. Bodeker will also provide data from the new database of ozone observations.
  • Dr. Peter Braesicke, NCAS-Climate, Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge (UK) will participate in SHARP-BDC, SHARP-WV and SHARP-STC by contributing data from the UKCA CCM to be analysed jointly with the data of the SHARP-consortium.
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Röckmann, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) will contribute to the analysis of stratospheric HDO distributions as retrieved from MIPAS spectra within SHARP-WV.
  • Dr. Adam Scaife, Hadley Centre, UK Met Office (UK) will contribute to the investigations of stratosphere-troposphere coupling and the relevance of the stratosphere for climate within SHARP-STC.

Dr. Wolfgang Steinbrecht, DWD (Germany) will actively co-operate with SHARP-OCF in the analysis of observational ozone data sets.