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School Tours through the Weather Station and over the Measure Site

What we offer:

Students of the Institute of Meteorology explain to interested school children the acquisition of weather data on the measure site as well as in the weather station. They get an insight into the different measuring devices and their functionality. The weather station is located on the 6th floor of a former water tower rebuilt for the purpose of weather observation. The students get a comprehensive insight into the weather observation.

The tours are suitable for school children from the 3rd grade, especially for those who are interested in the weather. Two teachers should attend with the school classes because the classes will be seperated into two groups. One group will start the tour on the measuring ground while to other group will start in the weather station.

There is also the possibility for adult tours, there has already been some tours, there should be at least 5 people attending.

Enquiries should be made with an online form (see contact) for further questions please send an email.


Additonally to the tours, experiments in the EarthLab can be made dealing with topics of climate change and climate construction. Beforehand there will be an introdution talk about the topic climate, for further information, please see here: EarthLab

Duration and cost of the tour:

  • 60-90 minutes, depending on the interessts.

for are (students) we would like to ask for a fee of:

  • 2€ pro Person
  • for EarthLab 3€ pro Person, duration around 2 hours