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Model for Weather and Environment (M.Sc.)

(VL) Fr. 09:00-10:30; (S) Fr. 10:30-12:00; (Ü) Mo. 13:30-15:00

Language: Englisch

Lecturer: Stephan Pfahl, Ingo Kirchner, Edgar Dolores-Tesillos

Contents: Numerical models of the weather forecast, regional and local models for the assessment of the meteorological and air-chemical environment, e.g. ozone and particulate matter, regional climate simulation, non-hydrostatic models: model construction, parameterizations on different scales, data assimilation, verification. Qualification goals: The students have an insight into the structure and conception of numerical models as well as their application. They are familiar with the functionality, the scale dependent parameterization of subscale processes and the discretization of models. The students are familiar with the application possibilities and limitations of numerical models used in practice. Admission requirements: None. Target group: Compulsory course for major students. Suitable for minor students. Performance criteria: Successful completion of the module (lecture with written elaboration). Regular (at least 85%) and active participation (exercises and lecture). V+Ü+S: 8 LP, 2+2+2 SWS.


Physical Climatology (B.Sc.)

(VL) Mo. 09:15-10:45; (Ü) Mo. 10:45-12:15

Lecturers: Stephan Pfahl, Lisa Schielicke

Contents: Physical description of the different components of the climate system: atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, biosphere and their interaction, global water cycle, impulse and energy balance, processes in the climate system (e.g. monsoon), climate models, seminar lectures to deepen the topics. Qualification goals: Students will understand and be able to describe the relationships between physics, meteorology and processes in the climate system. They are able to analyse and evaluate measurements and observations and can understand and critically assess relevant literature. Admission requirements: No target group: Compulsory course for major students. Suitable for minor subject students. Performance criteria: Successful completion of the module (written or oral exam). Regular (at least 85%) and active participation in the exercises. Participation in the lecture is recommended. The module Physical Climatology consists of lecture and exercise (V+Ü: 6 LP, 2+2 SWS).



Previous Lectures


Climate Variable and Model (M.Sc.)

(VL) Mo. 09:00-10:30; (S) Mo. 11:00-12:30; (Ü) Mo. 13:30-15:00

Language: Englisch

Das Erdklima unterliegt natürlichen Schwankungen. Diese und die dahinterstehenden Prozesse, wie beispielsweise El Niño/Südliche Oszillation oder Nordatlantische Oszillation, müssen von Klimamodellen simuliert werden können. Hierzu werden die in der Modellierung durchgeführten Schritte und verwendeten Verfahren (Grundgleichungen, physikalische Parametrisierungen, Koordinatensysteme, Zeitschrittverfahren, Modelltypen, etc.) genauer untersucht. ... mehr