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Working atmosphere in Seminar Room II.

Working atmosphere in Seminar Room II.
Image Credit: Gregor Pittke

Prof. Dr. Pfahl's working group will invite Bachelor and Master students to take part in their weekly meetings.

In addition, students are given the opportunity to actively participate in research and, for example, write their final thesis (see Topics).

The working group meets every Tuesday at 2 pm. See bellow for a detailed schedule and how to take part.




Summer semester 2022

Physical Climatology (B.Sc.)

Wed.10:00-12:00 (V), Mon.12:00-14:00 (Ü)

Stephan Pfahl

Models for Weather and Environment (M.Sc.)

Mon.14:00-16:00 (Ü), Fri.08:00-10:00 (V), Fri.10:00-12:00 (S)

Stephan Pfahl (V+S), Timothy Butler, Martijn Schaap (V), Ingo Kirchner (Ü)

Applied Programming for Weather Modelling (M.Sc.)


Ingo Kirchner


Group Meetings-Seminar

The group meetings take place every Tuesday at 2 pm as a hybrid event.

Spaces: Met. Institute, Seminar Room II (NB,2 / R.194) and additionally as WebEx-Meeting.

To take part, please contact Stephan Pfahl

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Meeting ?

Presentation/ Special topic


( yes )

Stephan Pfahl: Winter semester opening
25.10.2022 ( no meeting ) ---


( yes )

Stephan Pfahl: Lisa Schielicke's paper on future changes in heatwave dynamics


( yes )

Paper-Club: (Speaker Edgar Dolores-Tesillos)


( yes )

Paper-Club: (Speaker Cedrick Ansorge)


( yes )

Paper-Club: (Speaker Svetlana Botsyun)

Update: 31.10.2022


Final Thesis

Here you will find topics for the final thesis

>>Thesis catalog