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WG Radiation and Remote Sensing of Atmospheres

Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
12165 Berlin
Gisela Brass
+49-(0)30-838 56 664

The new research network for Radiation and Remote Sensing of Atmospheres:

"Planetary systems, from the beginning to the natural habitat"
at the Department of Earth Sciences of Freie Universität

The Research Network for Planetary Systems and Remote Sensing was set up to strengthen the concentration of expertise in the study of planetary systems and remote sensing, which is outstanding throughout Europe, through combining it. The research focus is on the goal of expanding knowledge about the origin and development of planetary systems and associated habitats, both on and off the Earth. Within the research network, the focus in planetology is on the understanding of planetary bodies inside and outside the solar system (exoplanets), in geoinformatics on the remote sensing of habitats on the Earth's surface and in meteorological remote sensing on the atmosphere and ocean. By comparing planetary systems with the conditions on Earth, knowledge can be generated about the origin and development of habitable spaces, the temporal evolution of the atmospheres, the dynamic processes and material cycles in the interior as well as the development of physical fields (e.g. magnetic fields, gravitation, radiation). Methodologically, the use and further development of remote sensing will focus on the exploration of the Earth and other planetary bodies by means of satellites, space probes and telescopes, which will be supplemented by modelling the formation and development of the inner structure, surface and atmosphere.

In this research network, well-established professors (some with links to German Aerospace Center or the Museum of Natural History) and their work areas from all three institutes (Geological Sciences, Geographical Sciences and Meteorology) will collaborate and contribute their expertise. The research network is also supported by three new faculties at the Department of Earth Sciences. The first professorship was filled with Prof. Dr. Postberg (Department of Planetology) as of 01.10.2018. Two further professorships in the fields of radiation as well as remote sensing and geoinformatics will be advertised shortly.

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fischer (juergen.fischer@wew.fu-berlin.de)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Ulbrich
Institute for Meterology