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Planetary Climate and Atmospheres

Module coordinator: Prof. Kerstin Schepanski: kerstin.schepanski@fu-berlin.de

  • Admission Requirements: keine.
  • Qualification: Students are familiar with the structure of planetary atmospheres. They have basic knowledge of how to work out and interpret radiation and energy balances. They are familiar with the fundamentals of thermodynamics and hydrodynamics of planetary atmospheres and have the methodological skills to apply them. They can apply their knowledge of atmospheric processes to various planetary climate conditions and present their findings to the group in an argumentative manner.
  • Content: Students deal with the structure and properties of planetary atmospheres using examples from inside and outside the solar system. They learn methods for calculating the radiation and energy balance as well as the basics of radiation transfer in planetary atmospheres, and they familiarise themselves with the basics of atmospheric thermodynamics and hydrodynamics. Using planetary climatic conditions, they learn to explain and discuss their dependence on the planetary configuration and atmospheric composition.
  • This course is offered during summer semester only.