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ArcClimEx (ClimXtreme)

Research Team:

The project aims on better understanding of those changes in weather and climate extremes over Central Europe that are linked to Arctic climate change by modified largescale circulation. We quantify the impact of the Arctic changes, on
recent and future changes in extremes over Central Europe. The full chain of dynamical linkages from Arctic climate change to changes in extremes is studied, taking into account the seasonally dependent effects of sea ice loss patterns on changes of the large scale atmospheric circulation in terms of variability patterns, synoptic scale waves, blockings and the relation
to extreme events. For this reason, the objectives of our project comprise (i) Assessment of recent changes in atmospheric circulation and improving the understanding in the context of Arctic climate change, (ii) Investigation of the Arctic’s dynamical
contributions to changes in extreme events, (iii) Quantification of the impact of Arctic climate change on future changes in extremes over Central Europe. This project is in cooperation with the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Potsdam.