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WG Turbulence in the boundray layer



Head of the Working Group: Prof. Dr. Cedrick Ansorge

This research group is formed around the EU-funded project trainABL (“Turbulence-Resolving approaches to the  intermittently turbulent atmospheric boundary layer”). 

We use turbulence-resolving methods at the smallest scale in combination with observations and large-eddy simulation to eventually overcome the gap between high-resolution direct numerical simulation and the geophysical limit of high- Reynolds-number boundary layers.

Research Fields:

  • Numerical Simulation of Turbulence (Direct Numerical Simulation, DNS and Large-Eddy Simulation, LES)

  • Stably stratified Planetary Boundary Layers (extreme stratification)

  • Maintenance and intermittency of turbulence in stratified conditions

  • Turbulent mixing parameterizations

  • Surface-Atmosphere Coupling

Research Focus: 

  • transitional turbulence and large-scale intermittency
  • boundary layers under extreme conditions
  • unification of turbulence simulation approaches 
  • bridging the gap between small-scale turbulence modelling, atmospheric observation and large-scale models 

Research Methods: