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Research ScientistEmail:e.sanchis.melchor[at]fu-berlin.de
CRAQ International Internship, "Water Inventory Over Time for a Stagnant Lid M-Earth"
M.Sc., Surface temperature and outgassing on stagnant-lid Super-Earths
B.Sc., Geophysical approach on the basic conditions for habitability in the Tau Ceti System
M.Sc., Thermodynamische Entwicklung der erdähnlichen Planeten im Sonnensystem
B.Sc., Vermischung des Mantelmaterials der Erde durch subduzierende Platten
Phd., Interior-surface-atmosphere interactions of rocky planets: simulation of volcanic outgassing and volatile chemical speciation in the C-O-H system
Internship: Gas speciation in melt for early Earth's redox states