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M.Sc. - Modeling the composition of planetary building blocks depending on the metallicity of the host star
Doctoral Student - Project SPP 1833: Building a Habitable Earth
Guest Scientist - The evolution of the thermal state of the Archean Earth
Postdoctoral Researcher - Project SPP 1992: Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets
M.Sc. - Modelling the transport and release of H2O during subduction
CRAQ International Internship - Water Inventory Over Time for a Stagnant Lid M-Earth
M.Sc. - Surface temperature and outgassing on stagnant-lid Super-Earths
B.Sc. - Geophysical approach on the basic conditions for habitability in the Tau Ceti System
M.Sc. - Thermodynamische Entwicklung der erdähnlichen Planeten im Sonnensystem
B.Sc. - Vermischung des Mantelmaterials der Erde durch subduzierende Platten
Doctoral Student - Interior-surface-atmosphere interactions of rocky planets: simulation of volcanic outgassing and volatile chemical speciation in the C-O-H system
Internship - Gas speciation in melt for early Earth's redox states