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» Intrusive Magmatism Strongly Contributed to the Volatile Release Into the Atmosphere of Early Earth

S. Vulpius, L. Noack

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23 | 2022

» Reaching out to early-career astrobiologists: AbGradE’s actions and perspectives

P. Nauny, A. Cassaro, N. Kopacz, L. Noack, H. Palabikyan, S. Pinna, A. Price, H.A. Stavrakakis, R.-S. Taubner

International Journal of Astrobiology, 21(5):268-277. | 2022

» A giant planet shaping the disk around the very low mass star CIDA 1

Curone, P., Izquierdo, A. F., Testi, L., Lodato, G., Facchini, S., Natta, A., Pinilla, P., Kurtovic, N. T., Toci, C., Benisty, M., Tazzari, M., Borsa, F., Lombardi, M., Manara, C. F., Sanchis, E., Ricci, L.

A&A | 2022

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