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Sommersemester 2014

Das Programm im Sommersemester 2014 als PDF


24. April 2014

Geochemical processes in a deep geothermal well during production of thermal fluid - Example Groß Schönebeck

Dr. Simona Regenspurg
(GFZ Potsdam) 

Invited by: Michael Schneider & Andreas Winkler


8. Mai 2014

Is the lunar impact record of the last 90 Ma recorded by 3He in marine sediments on Earth?

Dr. Jörg Fritz
(Museum für Naturkunde Berlin) 

Invited by: Harry Becker



15. Mai 2014

Opal, a little-known mineral from Earth and Mars

Dr. Benjamin Rondeau
(Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique - France)

Invited by: Ralf Milke 



22. Mai 2014

Final stages of continental rifting in Afar, Ethiopia - A geophysical perspective

Prof. Dr. Kathy Whaler
(The University of Edinburgh - UK)


Invited by: Heinrich Brasse



29. Mai 2014

Mercury: The elusive Iron Planet

Dr. Matteo Massironi
(University of Padua - Italy) 

Invited by: Thomas Platz



5. Juni 2014

Moving water and sediment on Mars

Prof. Dr. Maarten Kleinhans
(Utrecht University - The Netherlands)

Invited by: Patrick McGuire



12. Juni 2014

Early Archean crustal reworking in the Kapvaal craton

Prof. Dr. Alfred Kröner
(Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Invited by: Harry Becker


19. Juni 2014

UV spectroscopy of solar system moons

Dr. Amanda Hendrix
(Planetary Science Institute - USA)

Invited by: Patrick McGuire


26. Juni 2014

Properties and structural complexity of mullite-type compounds

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gesing 
(Universität Bremen)

Invited by: Susan Schorr


3. Juli 2014

Building a biozonation for the non-marine realm: Geological constraints and correlation to the GPTS

Prof. Dr. Carles Martín-Closas 
(University of Barcelona - Spain)

Invited by: Michael Schudack


10. Juli 2014

Stable isotopes in tree-rings as climate proxies

Dr. Gerhard Helle
(GFZ Potsdam)

Invited by: Frank Riedel