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In a research and project team, the team members often don‘t know each other and have different social, institutional or disciplinary background. In spite of defined objectives in a project, clashes of interests might happen.

Before a real conflict start, there might be some early warning signals. If you mind them, you can avoid problems.

  • Frequent postponement of project appointment times
  • Presentation of incomplete results
  • Well-known problems are not solved
  • Increasing number of project-meetings
  • Bad discipline during meetings
  • Increasing number of open points in the minutes
  • Neglecting of guidelines
  • High personal fluctuation

In case of conflicts, it is important to analyze the conflict. It helps you to develop a adequate strategy to arrange present conflicts and to obviate further conflict. At first you should asked how the conflict is expressed and who is involved for which reasons. Than you can observe the damages and identify measures to settle the conflict.

Meeting rules help you to avoid conflicts. If the meeting is well moderated, everybody has the possibility to express his point of view and listens to others statements, conflicts will be rare.