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Jobs for Students

  • Kid's Tours: At the Institute tours are offered to school children, for which we are still looking for students to help out with the tours.
  • Weather observers: In the weather tower the weather is observed and documented around the clock 365 days a year. If you want to be a part of it, please report to the 6th floor of the water tower.
  • Wetterpate: Since 2002 the Institute has been giving names to high and low pressure areas, the whole thing needs organisation skills like you!
  • Stellenausschreibungen der Freien Universität: Here you will always find the current job advertisements for student assistants. If there are vacancies at the Institute of Meteorology, there is usually also a notification via the Institute's mailing list. If you are interested, it often helps to simply approach the working group and ask if there are any vacancies at the moment or in the near future.