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Information for Students

Tips for First Semester without being present (Coronavirus)

New at the University? Here you can find out what to do to have a good start at the Univeristy. These Guideline will help you. Information about the Maths-Course, and the first week at the Univeristy and the introduction event you will find here.

What the abbreviations "ABV" and "Affiner Bereich" exactly mean and which courses are meant, you can read about it here.

Studies and Examination Regulations

Here you can find the examination regulations for your studies in Meteorology at the FU-Berlin as well for Bachelor and Master Programmes and also for expiring Diploma course of studies.


Information about Professors and their lectures and office hours.

Examination Board

Any questions regarding module credits can be answered by the examination board. You can also find the current exam dates here.

Dates and Contacts

All important dates and information on the current semester, such as the course catalogue, lecture periods, public holidays and internal institute dates and events, as well as information about the mentors and the student council at the institute can be found here.

Jobs for Students

Job offers for students who want to work at the Institute for Meteorologie.