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Berlin City Measurement Network

Data and Data Paths from the Dahlem Station

for the past:


Factors Measured

24 hours: Temperature/humidity
24 hours: Soil temperatures
24 hours: Wind direction/speed
7 days: Temperature/precipitation
30 days: Temperature/precipitation
90 days: Temperature/precipitation
365 days: Temperature/precipitation


Information on Data

THE BERLIN CITY MEASUREMENT NETWORK comprises nine stations. The general factors measured are air temperature, humidity, precipitation, and surface and soil temperature. Some stations also measure wind direction and wind speed, duration of sunshine and precipitation, and air pressure and radiation. Measurements are taken at one-minute intervals, with the result that about 100,000 measurement values are reported each day to the headquarters of the Network, at the Institute of Meteorology on the Fichtenberg mountain. At the site in the Dahlem district of Berlin, “round-the-clock” eyewitness observations also supplement the range of data offered.

Available data from the Berlin City Measurement Network

Übersicht der Messstationen Berlin-Tegel Forstamt Berlin-Tegeler See Berlin-Pichelsdorf Berlin-Fasanenstrasse Berlin-Tempelhof Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg / Planetarium Berlin-Marzahn Berlin-Gatow Berlin-Wannsee Berlin-Dahlem Berlin-Müggelsee

Head of the City Measurement Network Group

Prof. Dr. U. Ulbrich