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MILIEU - People in Urban Areas under the Influence of Climate and Environmental Conditions

The MILIEU (People in Urban Areas under the Influence of Climate and Environmental Conditions) the future concept describes the development of a new research cluster for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary climate and environmental research in an urban context. A scientific infrastructure will be established, which enables short to long term effects of Global Change on the environment in the regions of  Berlin-Brandenburg to be systemantically, experimental and empirically investigated and also the biological and social econonmical consequences to be researche. MILIEU offers, besides an internationally recognised basic research and a practice orientated enviroment research, but also solutilon approach and management strategies with a long term aim for scientific funded politics and public consulting.
In cooperation with universities and other research institutes in Berlin-Brandenburg,  offer scienctists in the faculties Geo sciences, biology, veterinary medicine and medicine of the FU Berlin and the Charité, innovative research approaches, in order to analyze, which effects climate change and the modified use of land had on urban cities, how life has changed for people in urban areas and how can people cope the best to these changes, in order to preserve the well-being of people and the ecosystem. The tasks of this research are to use a wide range of expertise, which already exists in the research network in the region and the  available facilites in observation systems.

Here is the MILIEU-Website.