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Library FAQ



Students of Freie Universität:

Students of Freie Universität can borrow media with their valid "Campuscard" and have them made available. A separate registration is not necessary.

External users:

External users are persons over 16 years of age who are resident in Berlin or Brandenburg or who have a student card from a local university. A library card is issued free of charge and can be obtained at the circulation desk on presentation of the following documents:

  • valid identity card or passport
  • official proof of current residence, if this is not evident from one of the above documents
  • if applicable, a valid student card from a university in Berlin/Brandenburg
  • Library registration form

External users who have not yet reached the age of 18 also require the written consent of a parent or guardian as well as a copy of the identity card of a parent or guardian to produce their library card.

Loan period, renewal

The loan period in the Earth Sciences Library is usually 4 weeks, for books from the textbook collection 2 weeks and can be extended if there is no reservation. Detailed information on the loan period can be found in Primo after registration.

The loan period can be extended in the user account itself or by telephone on (030) 838-70205. After a maximum loan period of 6 months, the item must be presented. Reminder emails are sent before the loan period expires as a service of the FU Libraries.

The lending conditions and the loan period of interlibrary loans are determined by the lending library and are therefore variable. It is not possible to extend the loan period beyond this.

In these cases, renewals are not possible:

  • The item you wish to renew is on hold.
  • The item was ordered via interlibrary loan.
  • Your account is blocked.

Reservation of borrowed media

You can reserve borrowed items by making a reservation in Primo. To do this, you must log in to the library portal Primo.

You will receive an e-mail notification when the reservation is waiting for you at the circulation desk for 5 working days.

Book return

FU media can be returned at all lending desks of the Freie Universität Berlin except at the libraries of the Charité. Interlibrary loans must be returned to the UB.

You will receive a return receipt by mail.

Login only with FU-Account

FU members log in to the library portal Primo and to the library computers in the FU libraries with the FU account/ZEDAT account.

For FU students, only the email address of the FU account is valid as an email address. In the ZEDAT portal, redirections to the preferred email accounts can be set.

External users

The password issued by a library should be replaced by an individual password. The password can be changed in the user account.

If you have forgotten your password, you can get a new password at a circulation desk - please also bring an identity document with you.

Reminder fees

If the loan period is exceeded, a written reminder will be sent for the return of the books or media units. The reminders are subject to a fee.

The basis for charging fees is the fee schedule for the libraries of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Late fees for late returns will be charged as follows:

The reminder fees per volume or media unit for the 1st reminder are:

2,00 €

for the 2nd reminder 5,00 € plus 2,00 € of the first reminder:

7.00 €
for the 3rd reminder € 10.00 plus € 7.00 of the first and second reminder,

The 3rd reminder shall be sent by registered mail with advice of receipt or by another delivery method.
17.00 €
after the 3rd reminder has failed, a performance notice will be issued.

The notice of performance shall be sent by registered mail with advice of receipt or by another delivery method.
20,00 €

The handling fee for book replacements will also be increased:

10,00 € (replacement by the user)

20,00 € (procurement by the library)

The reminder fees are due when the reminder is issued. Reminders will be issued at regular intervals.


Fees can be paid at the automatic pay stations:

  •    Iltisstraße 1(Student Administration),
  •    Garystraße 39 (University Library) and
  •    Mensa FU II (entrance Otto-von-Simson-Straße)

Fee transfers (no cash payment possible)

Bank details (for overdue fines and 1,50 € interlibrary loan fees):

Hauptkasse der FU Berlin

IBAN: DE67 1007 0848 051 3128 900

Swift Code (BIC): DEUTDEDB110

Deutsche Bank PGK AG

Absolutely necessary, please indicate:

Reason for payment: 0011/58 + matriculation or user card number.


  • For fees of 10 € or more, the user account is temporarily blocked.
  • Reminders for media not returned on time will be sent immediately after the loan period has expired.
2nd floor

2nd floor

The library is located in the new building on the 2nd floor.

Opening hours of the Meteo.library

Wednesday - Thursday: 10 am - 4 pm

Wednesday and Thursday only; closed on other days


Mail address: geometeolib@campus.fu-berlin.de

Important things to know at the start:

Lending and loan period extension

  • As an FU student you borrow books with your Campuscard
  • Our books can be borrowed for 4 weeks, 4 extensions of 4 weeks each are possible.

(Renewals can be made through the library portal PRIMO, by phone or by mail).

Excluded from the loan are:

  • Magazines/Periodicals
  • Protected book stock
  • Dissertations/Diploma Theses/Bachelor and Master Theses

Research tools of the FU Berlin

Freie Universität offers a large number of research tools (catalogs, subject databases, search engines).  For the beginning we always recommend the library portal PRIMO, because it covers most of the search queries that come up at the beginning of your studies.

  • 2 Internet workstations ( login with library card)
  • Copy machine and printer in the institute
  • Whiteboard
  • WIFI

Um neuberufenen Professor*innen das Ankommen auf ihrer neuen Position und den Einstieg in Forschung und Lehre an der Freien Universität zu erleichtern, hat die Universitätsbibliothek einen besonderen Service aufgelegt: Das UB-Startpaket für Neuberufene.

Das speziell für neuberufene Professor*innen und ihren Mitarbeitenden konzipierte Startpaket bietet erste bedarfsgerechte Einführungen in die Zusammenarbeit mit den FU-Bibliotheken, macht die Neuankömmlinge mit den vielfältigen Services und Angeboten der Universitätsbibliothek vertraut und stellt je nach individuellem Bedarf Kontakte zu unseren Expert*innen her.

Das Startpaket der Universitätsbibliothek für Neuberufene umfasst Services aus allen Bereichen der Universitätsbibliothek – darunter die Zentralbibliothek in der Garystraße, die Fachbibliotheken, das Universitätsarchiv sowie die Services des Centers für Digitale Systeme (CeDiS), das seit 2021 zur Universitätsbibliothek gehört. Es ist damit eine Weiterentwicklung des seit langem etablierten „CeDiS-Startpakets“, das nun um eine Vielfalt an bibliotheksspezifischen Services erweitert wurde.

Ein persönliches Beratungsgespräch – auf Deutsch oder Englisch – ist jeweils der Ausgangspunkt des Startpakets. Je nach individuellem Bedarf stellt die Universitätsbibliothek ihre Services dabei genauer vor und entwickelt gemeinsam mit den Neuberufenen passgenaue Unterstützungs­möglichkeiten. Neben einer persönlichen Ansprechperson in der jeweiligen Fachbibliothek lernen die Professor*innen und ihre Mitarbeitenden dabei weitere Kolleg*innen aus der Universitätsbibliothek kennen, die sie in verschiedenen Bereichen ihres wissenschaftlichen Alltags gezielt unterstützen können.

Wahlweise kann das Beratungsgespräch mit einer individuellen Führung durch die jeweilige Fachbibliothek verbunden werden.

Interessierte haben die Möglichkeit, bereits bei der Online-Anmeldung zu einem persönlichen Beratungsterminanzugeben, für welche der im Startpaket enthaltenen Leistungen und Services sie sich insbesondere interessieren. Gerne stellt die UB daraufhin ein passendes Team aus Expert*innen zusammen.

Fragen zum Startpaket der Universitätsbibliothek für Neuberufene beantwortet das Startpaket-Team gerne unter startpaket@ub.fu-berlin.de.

The University Library

Represented at fourteen different locations across campus, the University Library provides members of Freie Universität Berlin with the information, literature, and services they need to research, teach, and study effectively. The library provides physical and virtual spaces for exchanging thoughts and ideas, promoting learning, and facilitating communication. It also provides reliable access to data, information, and knowledge – for example, through

  • seven million individual holdings (books, e-books, journals, databases, etc.), 
  • central systems such as the library portal Primo and the institutional repository Refubium, and
  • around 3,600 workspaces across campus for individual and group work.

All information about the Wifi, including the technical set-up, access information for guests and for conferences) can be found on the ZEDAT website.