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Lagrangian analysis of tracked anticyclonic structures in reanalysis data

May 23, 2022 — May 22, 2026

Summer heatwaves are among the most severe natural disasters and there is great interest in better understanding the physical processes that lead to near-surface extreme temperatures.
One phenomenon commonly observed during heatwaves are blocking high-pressure areas, whose persistence appears to favor very high ground temperatures. However, the exact processes involved in the formation of blocking highs or extreme temperatures on the ground are still the subject of current research.
Therefore, this study investigates why some high-pressure areas are blocking and others are not, and when exactly extreme temperatures can occur near the ground. Using latest analysis methods and model data from the past 40 years (reanalysis data), high-pressure areas over the European region are identified and their life cycle is examined with regard to the development of near-surface temperatures in their area of influence.