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Clouds, Aerosol, Radiation – Development of INtegrated Algorithms (CARDINAL)

Research Team:

G. van Zadelhoff, D. Donovan, J. de Kloe, P. Wang (KNMI),

U. Wandinger, A. Hünerbein, M. Haarig, S. Bley, A. Floutsi (TROPOS),

P. Kollias, B. Puigdomenech Treserras (McGill University),

R. Hogan, S. Mason (ECMWF),

A. Velázquez Blázquez, E. Baudrez, N. Clerbaux (RMIB),

Ja. Cole, Z. Qu, H. Barker (ECCC),

C. Domenech, C. Salas Molar (GMV).


European Space Agency - ESTEC

Jul 01, 2021 — Nov 01, 2024

EarthCARE (Earth Clouds Aerosol and Radiation Explorer) is an ESA Earth Explorer mission in collaboration with JAXA (launch 2024). The main objective of the mission is to improve the understanding of the interaction between clouds, aerosols and radiation. The satellite will use an atmospheric lidar (ATLID, 355 nm), a cloud radar (CPR, 94 GHz) and a multi-spectral imager (MSI) to characterize the atmosphere, which will make it possible to simulate the short- and long-wave radiation flux at the upper edge of the atmosphere with an accuracy of 10 W/m². The radiative transfer simulations will be compared with short- and longwave (SW and LW) radiative flux measurements from a broadband radiometer (BBR) on board the satellite.

The CARDINAL team is responsible for the algorithm development of the individual processors and their interlinking. Predecessor projects of CARDINAL in which the FUB was involved are CLARA, ICERAD and APRIL.
FUB's tasks are the development of the processor for the MSI aerosol product and the further development and improvement of the BBR SW flux estimates.