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Dr. Zhihong Zhuo

Freie Universität

Institute of Meteorology

Scientific Researcher

Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
Room 197
12165 Berlin
scientific career
since 11/2019 Dr. in Meteorology, Free University
since 09/2015 PhD Student in Meteorology, Free University of Berlin, Germany
09/2012-06/2015 Master student in Environmental Science, Zhejiang University, China
09/2008-06/2012 Bachelor student in Environmental Science, Xiangtan University, China
research interests and projects
  • Asian monsoon

  • climate prediction
  • regional and global climate modeling
  • volcanic aerosols
  • geoengineering


Zhuo Zhihong, Chaochao Gao and Yuqing Pan (2014): Proxy Evidence for China's Monsoon Precipitation Response to Volcanic Aerosols over the Past Seven Centuries. Journal of Geophysical Research, 119(11), 6638-6652. (Featured as an AGU research spotlight; PDF)

Zhuo Zhihong, Chaochao Gao and Yonghong Liu (2014): Regional Grain Yield Response to Climate Change in China: a Statistical Modeling Approach. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 7(11), 1-8

Conference and workshop contributions

Zhihong Zhuo, Chaochao Gao(2013): American Geophysical Union 2013 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, America. “Effects of Volcanic Eruptions on China’s Monsoon Precipitation over the Past 700 Years” (Abstract, Poster)

Zhihong Zhuo, Chaochao Gao (2014) : Fifth Interdisciplinary Summer School on Climate Engineering, Heidelberg University, Germany. “Proxy Evidence for China’s Monsoon Precipitation Response to Volcanic Aerosols over the Past Seven Centuries” (Abstract, Talk)

Zhihong Zhuo, Chaochao Gao(2015): Climate Engineering: SRM Science 2015, University of Cambridge, UK. Historical Implication on Geoengineering - From the Perspective of China’s Monsoon Precipitation Response to Volcanic Aerosols” (Abstract, Poster)

Zhihong Zhuo, Chaochao Gao(2015): Volcanoes, Climate, and Society: Bicentenary of the great Tambora eruption, University of Bern, Switzerland. “Observation and Model Comparison of Precipitation Response to Volcanic Aerosols in the Asian Monsoon Region” (Abstract, Poster)


Master thesis: “Effects of Volcanic Sulfate Aerosols on East Asia Monsoon Precipitation”, supervised by Dr. Chaochao Gao, Zhejiang University.