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Dr. Sabine Banzhaf


Institute for Meteorology

WG Tropospheric Environmental Research


Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
Room 121 (Altbau)
12165 Berlin

Scientific work

since 2014                 Research Assistant (Postdoc), Institute for Meteorology, FU Berlin

2008 - 2014               Research Assistant, Institute for Meteorology, FU Berlin

2005 - 2007               Student assistant, Institute for Meteorology, FU Berlin

Academic education

2014          Ph.D. (Meteorology), Department of Geosciences, Freie Universität Berlin

2007          Diploma (Meteorology), Department of Geosciences, Freie Universität Berlin

Research Interests

Atmospheric sciences; atmospheric chemistry; numerical modeling

Areas of expertise

Air quality (PM, nitrogen oxides, ozone); Pollutant inputs to ecosystems; Greenhouse gases; Pollutant transport modeling; Emission modeling.


HoTC Development of methods to improve the temporal and spatial resolution of sector-specific greenhouse gas emissions for CO2 (energy production, domestic heating) and CH4 (agriculture, waste management) based on Copernicus data. Preparation of a dynamic emission data set for CO2 and CH4.
MOSAIK 2 Improvement and extension of chemistry module in the PALM model system, which we have developed and implemented in MOSAIK project phase 1. The focus is on an enhanced aerosol description, the extension of emissions description, options and handling for use in idealized studies and the implementation of wet deposition processes.
PINETI IV Continuation of the time series for nitrogen and sulfur deposition from the previous projects PINETI I-III for the years 2015-2018. Further development of the LOTOS-EUROS model by enabling a higher resolution using meteorological forcing data from the ICON model.



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further publications


Schaap, M., Hendriks, C., Kranenburg, R., Kuenen, J., Segers, A., Schlutow, A., Nagel, H-D., Ritter, A., Banzhaf, S. (2018): PINETI-3: Modellierung atmosphärischer Stoffeinträge von 2000 bis 2015 zur Bewertung der ökosystem-spezifischen Gefährdung von Biodiversität durch Luftschadstoffe in Deutschland. UBA-Texte, 79, 1-149.


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Wichink Kruit, R., Schaap, M., Segers, A., Banzhaf, S., Scheuschner, T., Builtjes, P., & Heslinga, D. (2014): Modelling and mapping of atmospheric nitrogen and sulphur deposition and critical loads for ecosystem specific assessment of threats to biodiversity in Germany – PINETI (Pollutant INput and EcosysTem Impact) Part 1. UBA-Texte, 60, 1–170.

Banzhaf, S. (2014): Modelling the fate of secondary inorganic aerosol and its precursors over Europe. Dissertation, Freie Universität Berlin, [http://www.diss.fu-berlin.de/diss/receive/FUDISS_thesis_000000096977]