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PINETI-IV – „Improvement of the instruments for modelling the deposition of air pollutants throughout Germany and updating of time series"

Calculated total deposition N for the year 2015

Calculated total deposition N for the year 2015

Biodiversity in Germany is threatened by the input of air pollutants. The exceeding of critical load rates due to deposition is regulated on a national and international level. The area-wide, Germany-wide recording of substance inputs has been carried out since 2004 in the course of several research and development projects (MAPESI, PINETI, PINETI II, PINETI III) with the help of the chemical transport model LOTOS-EUROS.

In the current PINETI research project, the continuation of time series of N and S deposition for the years 2015-2018 is calculated and delivered to UBA. The obtained results will be processed for policy advice and enforcement.

Furthermore, the model LOTOS-EUROS will be further developed considering the natural and structural site conditions in Germany. Among other things, the model resolution for Germany will be increased from 7 x 7 km2 to 2 x 2 km2 , and for Europe from 25 x 25 km2 to 13 x 13 km2 . The results with the new resolution will be evaluated with the past PINETI-III project and the EMEP model with respect to 2015 to assess the effect of the resolution increase on the results.