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Tropospheric Environmental Research

Great joy of reunion after the hard Corona times - June 2021

Great joy of reunion after the hard Corona times - June 2021
Image Credit: TrUmF 2021

The Tropospheric Environmental Research (TrUmF, after the German name, Troposphärische UmweltForschung) working group, led by visiting professors Martijn Schaap and Tim Butler, deals with in model-based studies of:

  • short-term predictions of pollutant loads,

  • source attribution of particulate matter and ozone, and
  • pollutant inputs into ecosystems

A major part of the work is application-related and is carried out in real time. The TrUmF working group is involved in various research and development projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the EU, the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), and various state environmental agencies or research institutions. In teaching, the focus of the WG is on the fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry and air pollution control as well as air pollutant modelling.

Close cooperation is also maintained with the working group "Climate, Air and Sustainability" (CAS) at TNO in Utrecht (NL), especially within joint projects on the application and further development of the chemical transport model LOTOS-EUROS, and with the working group "Modelling Air Quality for Policy Advice" at IASS Potsdam.

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