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Theoretical Meteorology

Welcome to the homepage of the working group

Theoretical Meteorology

... Direct contact:

PD Dr. Peter Névir

Institute for Meteorology - FU Berlin

Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10

D-12165 Berlin


Tel.: 0049-30-838-71138

E-Mail: peter.nevir@met.fu-berlin.de


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This section contains information on the fields in which the Theoretical Meteorology working group does research, including a detailed introduction to the DSI (Dynamic State Index).




The Theory working group is currently working on four projects: ERP-CLIVAR, ProSECCO (subproject of CAWSES), STAMPF, and structure-preserving numerics.



 Study andTeaching

Exercise sheets, supplementary materials for the lectures and (for a brief crash course) some e-learning modules on topics in theoretical meteorology.




List of working researchers and students in the Theoretical Meteorology working group, including phone numbers, office locations, and e-mail addresses.




Texts, articles, posters, etc.




Recommended Readings