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Urban Climate Under Change (3DO+M)



BMBF-Project Urban Climate Under Change [UC]²

Joint project: Three-dimensional observation and modelling of atmospheric processes in cities (3DO+M)

Sub-project 3: Evaluation and analysis of PLALM-4U w.r.t. extreme precipiation on the basis of observations.

With the second phase of the research programme "Urban Climate Under Change [UC]²", the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is pursuing the goal of further developing the urban climate model PALM-4U developed in the first phase of the funding measure into a practicable product that meets the needs of municipalities and other users. Simultaneously, the model is also to be used for scientific research and will be further developed and evaluated accordingly. In module B (joint project 3DO+M) of the research programme, long-term observations (LTO) developed in the first phase will be continued and special measurements will be conducted in order to evaluate the PALM-4U model both in general and application-specific terms.

In subproject 3 the PALM-4U will be evaluated with respect to heavy precipitation events. Weather-related fire brigade operations, which are associated with extreme wind and precipitation events, will also be used for this purpose. With its extremely high spatial resolution it is a proxy data set for those events. In combination with the 40 stations of Berliner Wasserbetriebe and the city monitoring network, as well as radar data, an analysis and evaluation of the model results of the PALM-4U and the accuracy for extreme events can be carried out. A distinction is made between different weather conditions, which determine the characteristics of the precipitation events. Thus the usability of PALM-4U results for the assessment of fire brigade missions is tested in order to include user-related projects.