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*Summer Term*

Statistical Models in the Geosciences(Module, MSc)

An advanced course in applied statistics for meteorology and climatology. Topics include a selection from Statisitsche Klimatologie.

Lecture and computer lab.

Meteorological Instruments (Lab Course and Seminar, BSc)

A lab course and seminar to introduce students to meteorological instruments and physical measurement principles.

Instruments lab and seminar

Meteorological Extreme Events (Seminar, MSc)

A seminar on various types of meteorological and related extremes. Lecture notes

*Winter Term*

Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Module, BSc)

An introductory course to elementary statistics and probability theory as part of the module Applied Statistcs Lecture and Lab hours varying

Lecture and computer lab

Weather and Climate Diagnostics (Seminar, MSc)

A seminar an various weather and climate phenomens and related mechanisms.

Courses outside the BSc/MSc curricula

Extreme value statistics (Block, MSc/PhD)

An introductory course to extreme value statistics, covering the EVS material from the MSc course Meteorological Extreme Events above and going somewhat beyond. The introductory material is following Stuart Coles Introduction to the Statistical Modelling of Extreme Value. See also the Lecture notes

Lecture and computer lab.

The next course will take place in the week from 28.02. to 04.03. according to the following schedule.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Room
9-12 Introduction to R computer lab computer lab computer lab computer lab PC-Pool
12-13 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
13-15 lecture lecture lecture lecture lecture lecture hall

The current situation does not allow on-site lectures. So the course will be completely virtually using this BigBlueButton room

In case of a change of these plans, you will be informed.