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*Summer Term*

Statistical Climatology(Module, MSc)

An advanced course in applied statistics for meteorology and climatology

Lecture: Mo 10:45am - 12:15pm (Room 041) Computer lab: Fr 1:00pm - 2:30pm (PC-pool 1)

Extreme value statistics (Block, MSc)

An introductory course to extreme value statistics for meteorologists as part of the module Meteorological Extreme Events Lecture and Lab hours varying

Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Module, BSc)

An introductory course to elementary statistics and probability theory as part of the module Applied Statistcs Lecture and Lab hours varying

Meteorological Instruments (Lab Course and Seminar, BSc)

A lab course and seminar to introduce students to meteorological instruments and physical measurement principles.

Meteorological Extreme Events (Seminar, MSc)

A seminar on various types of meteorological and related extremes.

Seminar: Thu 12:30pm (Room 189, starting mid of term) and other dates

*Winter Term*

An Introduction to Weather and Climate (MSc, EnvEarthSci)

An introduction to the physics of weather and climate within the Module Weather and Climate Diagnostics of the programme Environmental Earth Science

Lecture: hours and room to be announced

Lab: hours and room to be announced

Applied Statistics (BSc)

Using statistics for data analysis and modelling in meteorology and climate. A computer lab based on R is accompanying the lecture.

Lecture: hours and room to be announced

Computer lab: hours and room to be announced

Weather and Climate Diagnostics (Seminar, MSc)

A seminar an various weather and climate phenomens and related mechanisms.

Seminar: Thu 12:30, Room 189