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WG Clidia - Climate Diagnostics and Extreme Meteorological Events

Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
12165 Berlin
Frau A. Debbertin

Prof. Uwe Ulbrich is head of the working group "Climate Diagnostics and Extreme Meteorological Events", the aim of the working group is to research for a better understanding in physical processes in the atmosphere. The diagnostic research is principally concerned with:

  • Variablitiy of Climate (timescale of up to 200 years), with large-scale pattern (i.e. North Atlantic Oscillation NAO), cyclones (identification, tracks, conditions for growing, effects and impacts).
  • The occurence of meteorological extremes and its conditions.
  • The consequences of meteorological extremes.
  • Changes concerning of anthropogenic climate change.

The projects base on observational plus re-analysis data and numerical simulations (global and local climate models).
Comparing studies of climate models and observational climate data guide to a validation, plus a better understanding and interpretation of the models. The results of these climate models are prepared for special users. So the interdisciplinary work of scientists with users outside of meteorology processes attends to more identification with relevant events und its underlying physical processes.


Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ulbrich (Tel.: 838-71 186)