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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Meteorology!

The main focus of the Institute of Meteorology's research and teaching is on the understanding of atmospheric processes and the simulation of weather and climate on the time scales of hours to millennia. The study programmes are exciting and multi-faceted, convey a mathematical-scientific approach and conclude with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree. A special feature is the Institute's own weather station, which brings hourly data into the worldwide measuring network, with regular weather observation done by the students.

The „Dahlemer Klima-Reihe“ exists since 1908


The former FU Berlin Atmospheric Dynamics (and Stratosphere) research group is happy to announce that after some disruption the Berlin QBO-timeseries will be continued by the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). At KIT, the QBO will be calculated based on the original method of analysis developed at FU Berlin. The FU Berlin QBO timeseries will thus be continued in a consistent manner into the future.

Further information and the completed, up-to-date QBO-timeseries are found at: https://www.atmohub.kit.edu/english/807.php