Institute Council

The Institute Council is elected every two years by the members of the Institute of Geological Sciences. The Management announces the dates of the council's public meetings. The members for the election period 2017-2019 are:


Prof. Dr. Harry Becker

Prof. Dr. Anne Bernhardt

Prof. Dr. Mark Handy

Prof. Dr. Timm John

Prof. Dr. Georg Kaufmann

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Leinfelder

Prof. Dr. Serge A. Shapiro

Academic Staff

Dr. Heinrich Brasse

Dr. Andreas Winkler

Deputies: Dr. Ralf Milke, Dr. Jan Pleuger

Students and Doctoral Candidates

Thilo Bintz

Julia Fiedler

Deputies: Jean-Marc Mollus, Linus Bijan Streicher

Other Staff

Martina Grundmann

Anna Giribaldi

Deputy: Sabine Meister